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Regulated institutions

All institutions with an approved fee and access plan will be known as regulated institutions. All regulated institutions and institutions providing education on its behalf will be subject to all of HEFCW’s regulatory powers

Regulated institutions are institutions in Wales that are charities and provide higher education. Before approving a fee and access plan, HEFCW will have been satisfied that the regulated institution has adequate quality of education, is financially viable, and has suitable arrangements for the organisation and management of its financial affairs.

Regulated institutions' obligations include:

  • ensuring that regulated course fees do not exceed the applicable fee limit;
  • complying with any direction lawfully given by HEFCW;
  • taking into account any HEFCW guidance when complying with a direction issued by HEFCW in relation to compliance with fee limits;
  • complying with the general requirements of an approved fee and access plan;
  • cooperating with HEFCW in exercising its duties to monitor and evaluate the compliance and effectiveness of a plan;
  • taking into account HEFCW guidance on quality;
  • taking into account advice in relation to provision which is, or is likely to become, inadequate in terms of quality;
  • cooperating with HEFCW’s duty to assess the quality of its education and education provided by an external provider on its behalf;
  • complying with any requirement imposed by the financial management code;
  • complying with a direction in respect of failure to comply with the code;
  • taking into account any guidance contained in the financial management code;
  • cooperating with HEFCW’s functions in respect of failure to comply with the code; and
  • cooperating with HEFCW’s duties to monitor compliance with the code.

The table below sets out the regulated institutions in Wales and those institutions that are providing education on behalf of regulated institutions (often under franchise relationships). Links to the relevant fee and access plans are in brackets.

  • Aberystwyth University (2017/18) (2018/19)
    • Coleg Cambria
    • Coleg Gwent
  • Bangor University (2017/18) (2018/19)
    • Grŵp Llandrillo Menai
  • Cardiff University (2017/18) (2018/19)
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University (2017/18) (2018/19)
    • Bridgend College
    • Cardiff and Vale College
  • Grŵp Llandrillo Menai (2017/18) (2018/19)
  • NPTC Group (2017/18) (2018/19)
  • Swansea University (2017/18) (2018/19)
    • Coleg Cambria
  • University of South Wales (2017/18) (2018/19)
    • Bridgend College
    • Cardiff and Vale College
    • Coleg Gwent
    • Coleg y Cymoedd
    • Gower College Swansea
    • NPTC Group of Colleges
    • Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama
    • The College Merthyr Tydfil
  • University of Wales Trinity Saint David (2017/18) (2018/19)
    • Coleg Sir Gâr
    • Pembrokeshire College
    • NPTC Group of Colleges
    • Gower College Swansea
  • Wrexham Glyndŵr University (2017/18) (2018/19)
    • Grŵp Llandrillo Menai
    • NPTC Group of Colleges
    • Barking and Dagenham College

We will consult with regulated institutions and others as appropriate in implementing our new responsibilities under the Act.

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