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Other external data guidance

The Welsh Government collects quantitative information on higher education (HE) level provision taken at further education (FE) colleges in Wales.

The Lifelong Learning Wales Record (LLWR) collects individualised data on learners who are studying HE level learning programmes at further education colleges in Wales. This information is used for:
  • calculating¬†funding allocations
  • monitoring progress towards the reaching higher targets
  • publication
  • informing policy
Higher education data requirements

The HE data requirements circular informs FE colleges of the HE data that we use for the above purposes. It outlines the fields and criteria we use for extracting LLWR data and in what context it is to be used.

HE data requirements 2017/18

LLWR data submission

Specific guidance on the completion of the LLWR is available from the Welsh Government information systems branch.  Further information regarding the protocol for reporting practice of Welsh HE institutions merging with Welsh FE institutions can be found on the page 'HESA data guidance' via the left hand menu.

Welsh Government

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