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Maximum student number calculations

In 2011/12 and 2012/13, the numbers of full-time undergraduate and PGCE students at universities in Wales were managed. This page shows how the upper limit figures for Wales were divided between institutions, and how the figures were calculated, up to 2013/14.

HEFCW circular W10/11HE Establishment of a ceiling in full-time undergraduate student numbers from 2011/12 notified institutions of our intention to establish a ceiling for full-time undergraduate numbers.

HEFCW circular W10/33HE Guidance on the management of full-time undergraduate student numbers from 2011/12 and subsequent emails to institutions notified them of their individual maximum student numbers.

As a result of regional strategy development in March 2011, these figures were updated (see HEFCW circular W11/03HE Regional redistribution exercise 2011/12). Further updates were made as a result of redistribution in September 2011 (see HEFCW circular W11/30HE Redistribution exercise 2011/12).

HEFCW circular W11/41HE Control of student numbers: final numbers and guidance for 2011/12 and future arrangements gave the final arrangements for 2011/12 and information about arrangements for 2012/13 and beyond.

HEFCW circular W12/03HE Strategic reallocation of Student Numbers 2013/14 (and Annexes A, B, C) outlined the process for reallocating maximum student numbers for 2013/14.

HEFCW circular W12/14HE Strategic Reallocation of Student Numbers 2013/14 – Outcomes gave the outcomes from circular W12/03HE.

The Excel workbook below shows the recalculated maximum numbers for 2011/12 and the method used to calculate them.

Recalculated maximum student numbers and calculation method

Maximum fee grant arrangements 2013/14

Maximum fee grant arrangements 2014/15

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