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Funding calculations

The 2012/13 academic year was the first year of transition to the new student fees and finance system. HEFCW’s budget for 2016/17 included elements of formula driven recurrent grant, the estimated fee grant payments for Welsh and EU domiciled students in Wales and Welsh domiciled students in other parts of the UK.

Circular W18/10HE: HEFCW’s Funding Allocations 2018/19, sets out HEFCW’s overall funding distribution for the academic year 2018/19, including individual institutional allocations for teaching and research.

HEFCW’s Funding Allocations 2018/19

This section provides information on data and methodology used within the formula driven recurrent grant methods. More information on the methodology and policies about funding can be found using the links to the right.

Teaching funding

An Excel model shows how the non-quota funding methodology works within the teaching funding method:

Excel model (MS Excel spreadsheet)

Excel model spreadsheet notes

The HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) data used in funding allocations are described in the higher education data requirements circular (W18/20HE).

Higher education data requirements 2018/19

Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) data

Available below are algorithms relating to the extraction of such data from the 2016/17 HESA student record to be used in the calculation of the access and retention, disability, expensive subjects, priority subjects and Welsh medium premiums and the per capita funding allocations. The algorithms are based on a simplified version of the SAS code we use to extract the data.

Note that in order to ensure that students are counted correctly, further criteria in addition to those described in the algorithms may be applied.

Access and retention algorithm

Low participation postcodes eligible for access and retention funding (txt file)

Community First postcodes eligible for access and retention funding(.txt file)

Disability algorithm

Per capita algorithm

Expensive subjects algorithm

Welsh medium algorithm

Research funding

Available below is information on the extraction and calculation of Quality Research (QR) funding and Postgraduate Research (PGR) funding. The links below provide the most current information about the QR funding model, as no changes have been made to the data or the formula since 2015/16.

HESA data to be used in 2015/16 QR funding

QR funding model (2015/16 funding)

PGR algorithm


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