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Current consultations

HEFCW consults with the higher education sector in Wales and, occasionally, with other interested parties in order to get a wide range of views to feed into policies that affect universities.

  • This circular provides a consultation on HEFCW’s approach to monitoring admissions in order to maintain stability of the sector in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Responses are requested by 1 June 2020.
  • We have stated elsewhere (circular W20/11HE) that we would not take forward any new HEFCW consultations or significant changes at this time. However, given developments in England, and the need to ensure that stability in admissions is maintained across borders, we considered it essential to issue this consultation.
  • This consultation applies to universities, rather than all regulated providers, as we anticipate that regulated providers delivering higher education under validation agreements will be subject to the terms of those agreements with their validation partners.
  • Date:  07 May 2020
  • Response by:  01 June 2020
  • Secondary documents:  None
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