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Current consultations

HEFCW consults with the higher education sector in Wales and, occasionally, with other interested parties in order to get a wide range of views to feed into policies that affect universities.

  • This consultation seeks comments on HEFCW’s proposals for an additional funding allocation in academic year (AY) 2019/20, as set out in the revised remit letter issued December 2019 for financial year (FY) 2019-20. It outlines the background to our proposed spending of these funds and poses a number of questions, the responses to which we will use to inform, develop and refine the final arrangements.
  • Date:  17 December 2019
  • Response by:  17 January 2020
  • Secondary documents:  None
  • This consultation circular provides an overview of UK and Welsh policy as it relates to asylum seekers and refugees and invites higher education providers to work with HEFCW to progress the Welsh Government’s refugee and asylum seeker plan ‘Nation of Sanctuary’.
  • Date:  12 December 2019
  • Response by:  07 February 2020
  • Secondary documents:  None
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