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HEFCW Corporate Strategy

This is HEFCW’s corporate strategy, which sets out our vision, mission and strategic themes for higher education in Wales from 2013, as well as the targets against which to measure performance. It was approved by the Welsh Government in May 2013, with subsequent agreement to extend by a further year to 2017.

HEFCW Corporate Strategy 2013-14 – 2016-17

Although universities receive part of their funding from us and other public bodies, they are autonomous bodies which also receive private funding and generate their own income, and they are run independently from Government.

It is our role in HEFCW to work with universities to enable them to meet Welsh Government priorities for higher education in Wales.

We also work with the Welsh Government to shape higher education policy, providing advice to Government which is informed by a university perspective, so that policy can be implemented as effectively as possible.

The Corporate Strategy 2013-14 – 2016-17 also updates our position in respect of the twelve measures for higher education in Wales published in our last Corporate Strategy.

The strategy was produced against the backdrop of:

  • Our changing role with regard to student fees and fee plans.
  • The current Higher Education (Wales) Bill technical consultation which is likely to give HEFCW new regulatory powers, primarily around governance, quality assurance and finance.
  • Welsh Government’s previous higher education strategy and plan, For our Future, that acknowledged the role which higher education played in the social, cultural and economic development of Wales.
  • Our current Remit Letter from the Welsh Government.
  • The Education Minister’s forthcoming policy statement on higher education.

Details of actions, measures and timelines for delivering the plan were included in our Corporate Strategy 2010-13.

For our Future was superseded by the Welsh Government’s Policy Statement on Higher Education. We report annually in the annual report on performance against the 17 targets in the Strategy.

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