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Cylchlythyrau 2018

Mae cylchlythyrau CCAUC yn rhoi gwybodaeth i’r sector addysg uwch (AU) yng Nghymru. Gallant gynnwys gwybodaeth megis dyraniadau cyllid, ceisiadau am wybodaeth, data neu fonitro, ymgynghoriadau, galwadau am strategaethau, cyhoeddiadau polisi, a gwybodaeth arbennig y mae angen i sefydliadau addysg uwch (SAUau) gael gwybod amdani’n gyflym.

  • This consultation circular seeks views on HEFCW’s draft guidance for higher education (HE) providers applying for courses to be specifically designated for the support of students ordinarily domiciled in Wales. The circular also provides information on a consultation event.
  • Dyddiad:  11 Mai 2018
  • Ymateb erbyn:  22 Mehefin 2018
  • Dogfennau eraill:  Dim
  • This circular provides allocations in support of university strategies for enhancing civic mission and community engagement. It invites Universities in Wales to submit detailed plans for the use of this funding, set within the context of a coherent institutional strategy for enhancing civic mission and community engagement.
  • Dyddiad:  04 Mai 2018
  • Ymateb erbyn:  01 Mehefin 2018
  • Dogfennau eraill:
  • This circular invites proposals led by Universities in Wales for projects that enhance collaboration between HE and FE in innovation and engagement activities. Funding is available to pump-prime new activity or add value to existing activity.
  • Dyddiad:  30 Ebrill 2018
  • Ymateb erbyn:  Dyddiad newydd: 01 Mehefin 2018 (originally 25 Mai 2018)
  • Dogfennau eraill:
  • This circular provides information on the timetable for institutions to be able to access their 2018 National Student Survey (NSS) results via the data dissemination portal and the publication of NSS data on the Unistats website. No action is required in response.
  • Dyddiad:  26 Mawrth 2018
  • Ymateb erbyn:  Nid oes angen ymateb
  • Dogfennau eraill:  Dim
  • This guidance provides information to fee and access plan applicants on how to enter the system that regulates full-time undergraduate and PGCE (QTS) student support and it provides advice on submitting a 2019/20 fee and access plan application.
  • Dyddiad:  31 Ionawr 2018
  • Ymateb erbyn:  23 Mawrth 2018
  • Dogfennau eraill:
  • This circular provides details of HEFCW’s interim Postgraduate Taught (PGT) Masters support package for students ordinarily resident in Wales and EU students in academic year AY 2018/19, which is to be delivered for a single year prior to the implementation of the Student Loans Company (SLC) PGT support package in AY 2019/20.
  • Dyddiad:  12 Ionawr 2018
  • Ymateb erbyn:  Nid oes angen ymateb
  • Dogfennau eraill:  Dim
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