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Circulars 2016

HEFCW circulars give information to the higher education (HE) sector in Wales. They might include information such as funding allocations, information, data or monitoring requests, consultations, calls for strategies, policy announcements and particular information which higher education institutions (HEIs) need to be aware of quickly.

  • This circular sets out HEFCW’s overall funding distribution for the academic year 2016/17, including individual institutional allocations for teaching and research.
  • Date:  23 May 2016
  • Response by:  Redistribution response by end of July 2016
  • Secondary documents:  None
  • This circular sets out information on:
  • a. The processes and timetable for higher education institutions, further education colleges and alternative providers to submit their 2016 Key Information Set (KIS) data, so it can be published on the Unistats website at the end of August 2016;
  • b. The process that the funding bodies have introduced to consider concerns about the quality of data on Unistats;
  • c. The introduction of a threshold for responses below which we will not publish Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey data;
  • d. Changes to the Key Information Set and Unistats on which we have recently consulted;
  • e. Ongoing updates to the Unistats website.
  • Date:  28 April 2016
  • Response by:  No response required
  • Secondary documents:  None
  • This consultation provides a draft framework for quality assessment in Wales, and invites responses on the underpinning processes.
  • Date:  26 April 2016
  • Response by:  08 June 2016
  • Secondary documents:  None
  • This circular provides information on the next steps in the 2016 National Student Survey (NSS) process, including a timetable for when institutions will be able to access their results via the NSS results dissemination site and Unistats websites. No action is required in response.
  • Date:  13 April 2016
  • Response by:  No response required
  • Secondary documents:  None
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