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Skills and employability

Our vision is to support growth in providing highly skilled, quality jobs across Wales and to produce graduates that are able to demonstrate and communicate their value to prospective employers – in Wales and further afield.

HEFCW has three long standing priorities where it expects higher education providers to focus their effort:
  • Work placements and work experience
  • Employer approved courses
  • Embedding employability skills across all higher education curricula
Welsh Government has developed three regional skills partnerships (RSPs) to identify and respond to the skills needs of Wales:

RSPs are local government led partnerships tasked with analysing economic challenges and likely growth areas to identify the local and national skills needs in partnership with employers and education and training providers.

HEFCW encourages all higher education providers in Wales to engage with the RSPs and, where appropriate, inform and respond collaboratively to the RSP's annual skills plans.

HEFCW's regional approach

In 2015 HEFCW published a document, Insight into Employability: How universities hone graduate skills to provide an insight into some of the initiatives that demonstrate how universities in Wales are honing graduate skills to meet the demands of the labour market locally, nationally and internationally.

Insight into Employability: how universities hone graduate skills

Skills and employability cuts across a number of different policy areas such as learning and teaching, widening access and innovation & engagement.

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