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Research and innovation funding

We provide funding for research primarily through our QR - Quality Research -funding stream. We also provide funding to institutions for the training of postgraduate research students.

Quality-related Research

We allocate QR funding selectively to recognise and reinforce research excellence. The funding is distributed by formula on the basis of the outcomes of the UK-wide 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF).

Explanation of QR funding method

2019/20 QR allocations

Postgraduate Research Funding (PGR)

We operate a separate funding stream to support the training that higher education institutions provide for postgraduate research (PGR) students.

Explanation of PGR funding method

PGR funding allocations for 2019/2020

HEFCW Innovation and Engagement Projects
In 2018 we funded three schemes to promote research, innovation, and engagement activities across Wales:
  • Research and Innovation Capital 2017-18: £7.195 million
  • Enhancing HE-FE Collaboration in Innovation and Engagement 2017-18: £3.5 million
  • Enhancing Civic Mission and Community Engagement 2017-18: £1.8 million

Details of the individual projects and activities funded are on the HEFCW Innovation and Engagement Project Funding 2017-18 spreadsheet.

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