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Skills and Employability Framework

Our vision is to support growth in providing highly skilled, quality jobs across Wales and to produce graduates that are able to demonstrate and communicate their value to prospective employers – in Wales and further afield.

HEFCW, Higher Education Wales, CBI Wales and NUS Wales have jointly developed a framework for skills and employability that commits us all to working in partnership to improve the job-related skills of all our graduates.

The signatories to the Agreement on Skills and Employability for Wales will start by testing the proposed activities and performance indicators set out in the accompanying draft Action Plan on student, graduate and employer groups.

In defining outcomes and targets in the Action Plan, we will make common cause with other partner organisations with expertise in this area to ensure we can deliver them. We will publish the finalised Skills and Employability Framework (SEF) Action Plan for Wales in 2013. The plan will include finalised actions from all four partners who have committed to ensuring the success of the SEF, alongside activities and targets from the sector.

On 19 June 2012, the Welsh Government’s Deputy Minister for Skills launched the Skills and Employability Framework at an evening reception at the Wales Millennium Centre.

Agreement on Skills and Employability for Wales

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