HEFCW Circulars

HEFCW circulars give information to the higher education (HE) sector in Wales.  They might include information such as funding allocations, information, data or monitoring requests, consultations, calls for strategies, policy announcements and particular information which higher education institutions (HEIs) need to be aware of quickly. 

30 September 2020
This circular informs higher education providers of the higher education data used to calculate funding allocations; to monitor National Measures; to monitor equality and
Response by: No response required
22 September 2020
This circular requires regulated institutions approved to deliver the Digital Degree Apprenticeship (issued 29 April 2018), and the Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Degree Apprenticeship
Response by: 12 December 2020
14 August 2020
This circular provides details of the basis on which Capital will be allocated to Higher Education Institutions in Wales in 2020-21, the information required
Response by: 16 October 2020