Research, Innovation and Engagement

Research innovation and engagement

We aim to promote a dynamic and sustainable research base within higher education institutions in Wales, which compares well with that in the rest of the UK in terms of quality, and is capable of contributing to economic and social well being in Wales and beyond.

Research and Innovation: The Vision for Wales

Our Vision sets out our commitments and ambitions for the HE research and innovation sector in Wales which in turn will secure Wales’s position as a world-leading partner of research and innovation across the world.

  • We provide £71 million a year through our main formula-based fund for research, QR.
  • We support innovation and engagement, including civic mission, through our Research Wales Innovation Fund.
  • We also provide funding to institutions for the training of postgraduate research students. Additionally, we support a number of initiatives.
  • Our work on policy and funding for research, innovation and engagement is guided by our Research Wales Committee.

Public funding for research in higher education is administered under a dual support system. Under this system, the funding which we provide to institutions in Wales helps support their research infrastructure and gives them the flexibility to determine the strategic direction of their research. On the other side of the dual support system, grants for specific projects and programmes are provided by the Research Councils, charities, the EU and government departments.