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Reference No: HEFCW/12/Ag149
The 149th meeting of the Council to be held on Friday 27th January 2012 at 10am at the HEFCW offices, Llanishen

1 Introductory remarks, apologies and declarations of interest
For discussion
2 Minutes of the meeting held on 9 December 2011 HEFCW/11/Min148
Disclosable in edited form
3 Matters Arising HEFCW/12/01
4 Chairman’s Report (Oral)
5 Chief Executive’s Report HEFCW/12/CE1
Disclosable in edited form
6 Recurrent Funding Allocations AY 2012/13 HEFCW/12/02
8 Regional Strategies 2011/12 HEFCW/12/03
8 Reconfiguration and Collaboration HEFCW/12/04
9 Any other business:  Minutes of HR Committee 9 December 2011 HEFCW/12/06
10 Date of next meeting: 23 March 2012, HEFCW offices, Llanishen
For information
11 Forward Council Business Work Plan HEFCW/12/05
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