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Reference No: HEFCW/05/Ag102
The 102nd meeting of the Council to be held on 5th September 2005 at 2:00pm at Cardiff University

1 Introductory remarks, apologies and declarations of interest
For discussion
2 Minutes of the meeting held on 1 July 2005 HEFCW/05/Min102
Disclosable in edited form
3 Matters arising
4 Chief Executive’s Report HEFCW/05/CE5
Disclosable in edited form
5 Reconfiguration & Collaboration Fund HEFCW/05/65
6 Operation of the Strategic Development Fund Panel HEFCW/05/66
7 Any other business
8 Date of next meeting: 23 September 2005
For ratification
9 Void HEFCW/05/67
10 Redistribution of funded credit values 2005/06 HEFCW/05/68
For information
11 Report on Overseas Research Students Award Scheme (ORSAS) 2004/05 HEFCW/05/69
12 Meeting of the Council’s Third Mission Committee on 14 July 2005 HEFCW/05/70
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