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Our responsibilities

HEFCW is responsible for funding higher education (HE) in Wales. We distribute funds for education, research and related activities at eight universities, and the teaching activities of the Open University in Wales. We also fund higher education courses at further education colleges.

  • As a Welsh Government Sponsored Body, we receive our funds from, and are accountable to, the Welsh Government.
  • We are an intermediary body between the Welsh Government and the higher education sector in Wales.
  • We provide advice to the Welsh Government on the funding needs, aspirations and concerns of the higher education sector.
  • We promote Welsh interests in the wider UK higher education arena.

Through our transparent funding system, we support the HE sector in Wales in a number of priority areas set by the Welsh Government, including:

  • promoting learning and teaching development, particularly the quality of the learning experience
  • investing in a strong research base and developing research excellence
  • encouraging activities in higher education that support business and the community
  • widening access to higher education
  • supporting development of Welsh language higher education
  • strengthening the HE sector - with an emphasis on encouraging reconfiguration and collaboration, financial sustainability, effective leadership and governance, European and international developments, and maintaining the estate
  • accrediting and funding providers of initial teacher training courses in Wales

HEFCW was established by the Further and Higher Education Act 1992. Our responsibilities for initial teacher training are covered under the Education (School Teachers' Qualifications) (Wales) Regulations 2004 and the Education Act 2005.

Framework Document between the Welsh Government and HEFCW sets out the context within which HEFCW operates and details the terms and conditions under which HEFCW receives funds from the Welsh Government.

Around 46 members of staff work for HEFCW, which is based in Bedwas, Caerphilly County, Wales. HEFCW is governed by a Council of up to 12 members, including the Chairman, David Allen, and the Chief Executive, David Blaney.

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