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Welsh Government priorities

HEFCW is a Welsh Government Sponsored Body. We receive an annual remit letter from the Welsh Government outlining our priority work areas for the following year.

We operate in an overall policy environment set by the Welsh Government, with many of our priorities set out in the Welsh Government's Policy Statement on Higher Education.

From 2015 we have new regulatory powers to ensure that higher education (HE) institutions whose students can access public grants and loans meet Welsh Government priorities around fee levels, fair access, quality of education and financial management.

In April 2016 HEFCW was remitted by the then Minister for Education and Skills “to work in partnership with providers to develop a Strategy for Higher Education in Wales looking forward over the next decade.” HEFCW submitted a draft strategy to Ministers in December 2016 after wide consultation with relevant stakeholders. Welsh Government has since decided that, given proposals for a new post-compulsory education oversight body and the current review of government funded research and innovation in Wales, it would be more appropriate to work on and publish a tertiary education, training and research strategy. The draft strategy developed by HEFCW will inform future policy development in this area.

Draft Higher Education Strategy as submitted to Welsh Ministers

Letter from Cabinet Secretary for Education

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