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Our funding methods

Most of our funding is distributed as block grants to institutions, allocated by formula. These take account of various factors, including recruitment in academic subject categories, mode and level, and the amount of high quality research undertaken in the institution.

We operate four funding methods:

Part time and postgraduate taught teaching funding method

Full time Undergraduate and PGCE Funding

Quality Research (QR) Funding Method

Postgraduate Research (PGR) Funding Method

Capital Funding

In the HEFCW remit letter for 2018-19, specific provision was made for Capital funding over the next 3 years. This circular provides the available Capital for allocation in 2019-20.

W19/31HE: Research Capital Funding 2019-20

Special Funding

HEFCW provides funding for a wide range of purposes. These are outlined in the annual Funding Allocations publication, the most recent being Funding Allocations 2019/20.

W19/14HE: Funding Allocations 2019/20

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