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Annual grant to higher education institutions

Each spring, we inform directly funded higher education providers of their core grant allocations for the following academic year. Institutions are free to allocate the core grant internally as they deem appropriate, as long as it is used to support teaching, research and related activities.

Total funding includes the recurrent grant, initiative funds, capital funding and other allocations.

Overall breakdown of the total funding awarded in 2017/18

HEFCW Funding Allocations 2017/18

Circular W17/11HE details allocations to individual institutions and the sector as a whole for 2017/18. It includes premium payments for widening access, disabled students and Welsh medium enrolments.

Table 6 Funding comparison 2016/17 and 2017/18

HEFCW's Funding Allocations 2016/17

HEFCW's Funding Allocations 2017/18

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